Mosaic flower pot kit


Make your own modern and stylish planters to spruce up any space in your home or office. It is a great gift for any plant lover! One mosaic flower pot kit includes all you need to complete a beautiful mosaic flower pot: a flower pot, glass/ceramic/acrylic mosaic tiles, acrylic glue, white grout, grouting sponge, gloves. No glass cutting required. Simply place, glue and grout. It is very suitable for adults and older children and younger children will require assistance and supervision. It will quickly become a great family pastime!

Step-by-step instructions:

1. Make sure the flower pot is free of dust and dirty so that the tiles will adhere well.

2. Place and glue mosaic tiles according to the design pictured or whatever pattern you like.

3. Allow glue to set 8-10 minutes before grouting.

4. Empty grout bag into a mixing container. Gradually add a small amount of water and stir the grout into a toothpaste consistency. 

5. Fill the grout into all gaps and wipe excess grout using the sponge off the surface leaving a smooth finish.

6. Allow grout to dry 30-60 minutes.

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